Sewer network odor control

Odor and corrosion control in the sewage network of Rethymno city, Creta island

The implementation of the bioaugmentation method for the odor and corrosion control in a part of the sewer network of the old city of Rethymnon takes place after the signing of the relevant contract with Rethymnon municipality, commencing in 2019.

Sewage network bio-augmentation application

Municipality of Lagadas cooperated with Alphabio in order to improve the condition of the sewage network in terms of smell and clogging. The company applied a specialized microorganism strain with the addition of some nutrients to encounter the odor nuisance produced in sewage network.

Odor and corrosion control in the sewage network of Monemvasia

Monemvasia is located on a small island at the east coast of Peloponnese. This Medieval Castle Town, carved on the slopes of a rock, is one of the main touristic attractions in Greece. High temperature levels and increased population during the summer period caused severe odor emission problems originating from the sewer network.