Research and Development

Innovation is vital to addressing the multitude challenges faced by wastewater treatment sector both now and in the future. In this direction, Alphabio allocates a significant part of its resources for Research and Development (R&D).

Our R&D activities are carried out at the fully-equipped, EN ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that operates in our premises and are aimed at the following:

 Biodegradability enhancement with the use of specialized microbial strains for the treatment of heavily polluted wastewaters (i.e., digestate, leachate, etc.).

Optimization of biogas production potential in anaerobic digesters with the addition of specialized BIO-M products.

Coupling of biological, physical, chemical and electrochemical methods for the delivery of highly efficient and sustainable treatment systems.

Continuous development of new BIO-M products specific to each application, depending on wastewater type and characteristics.

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