Industrial Waste Water

Different types of production activities result in a large variety of industrial wastewater requiring different purification stages. As a result, an integrated wastewater treatment system can range from a relatively simple and compact to a more complex, multi-stage plant. Although modern industrial environmental management practices have been oriented towards wastewater minimization many industries remain dependent on water-intensive processes that produce large quantities of wastewaters.


By developing different microbial mixtures specific for the treatment of each type of industrial wastewater we can manage to treat efficiently a wide range of industrial effluents. Application of bioaugmentation products apply both in centralized treatment plants receiving mixed industrial wastewater and individual industries with significant wastewater discharges. Our company has been designed and implemented successful applications in the following industrial sectors:


Dairy industries

Food industries

Juice and beverage production plants

Olive production plants

Ginning industries

Digestate from anaerobic digestion processes

Landfill leachate

Bioremediation of oily sludges

By allocating a significant part of our resources in research activities, we are managing to continuously develop new bioaugmentation products, for any special application, depending on the wastewater type and specific characteristics.