Bio-augmentation for the sludge reduction in the WWTP of Patras, Greece

Sewage sludge reduction
  • 80% sludge reduction
  • Enhancement of BOD, TSS, TN reduction

In January 2014, Alpha-Bioenergy and the municipal wastewater treatment facilities of Patras started cooperating for the reduction of the produced sludge. The municipality was searching for a way to minimize the sludge produced in the facilities due to high cost of disposal.

The wastewater treatment facility was producing on average 6350 tons of sludge annually before the implementation of bio-augmentation. Today, only a 20% of the initial sludge quantity is needed to be discarded using a decanter in order to keep the system stable and steady, while the rest of the sludge is consumed internally. Additionally, all effluent parameters were maintained under the legislation limits, while some of them (BOD, TSS, TN) decreased even more than the previous situation.