Bio-augmentation for the sludge reduction in the WWTP of Corfu, Greece

Sewage sludge reduction
  • 80% sludge reduction
  • Foaming problems solved
  • Good effluent quality


In December 2015, Alpha-Bioenergy started a pilot bio-augmentation application in the municipal wastewater treatment facilities of Corfu, which is still in act, because the municipality was searching for a way to minimize the sludge produced in the facilities due to high cost of disposal. Before the application, the plant was disposing … tons of dewatered sludge, while after the application only a 20% of the initial quantity was needed to be removed. The SVI levels improved and stabilized around 150 mL/g. The foaming problems that the plant was experiencing due to the insertion of salt water with high electric conductivity were also moderated.